Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A New Year and Egoboo WA is Alive and Well

Although it’s been a few months since we last blogged, individual Egobooers have been quietly making progress with their personal writing goals...

Joanna Fay 

Jo has recently published her third novel, Book Three of the Siaris Quartet over at Musa Publishing. Vividly written, Vow’s Answer continues the eons-old war as Xereth strengthens his alliance with the corrupt and powerful Morreath, threatening the lives of Gods, half-Gods, humankind and ultimately, Siaris itself. Book Four is soon to follow. You can read more about Vow's Answer on Jo's Blog.

Earlier in 2013, Jo published a short story “The Twelfth Hour” in Daughters of Icarus: New Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy (Pink Narcissus Press, USA).

Jo also won Third Prize in the Banjo Paterson Writing Awards Open Poetry Section with “Circle of Stones: and also received a commendation for “The Sheet Could Be Silk” in the Karen W Treanor Poetry Award.

Satima Flavell

Satima is excited about recently selling her first novel, The Dagger of Dresnia: Book One of the Talismans Trilogy, to Satalyte Publishing, due to be released in April. She is now busy with Book Two.

Satima has also continued to write theatrical reviews for Artshub and is also undertaking editing commissions from writers and tertiary students.

In the coming year Satima will be speaking at the Conflux Writers Day at the Australian National University in April as well as undertaking manuscript assessments for the Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers Centre in September.

Laura E Goodin

Laura has been madly finishing off her PhD in Creative Writing as well as keeping herself busy with performances throughout the year:

"The Tooth in the Mouth" (short story) performed at The Vault Cabaret, Port Kembla, NSW, June 15, 2013 

Comets and Chocolates (full-length, one-man musical) performed at the Seymour Centre, Sydney, NSW, September 2013

"Is Not This Love?" (song cycle written with composer Houston Dunleavy) performed at The Studio Flute Tree, Leichardt, NSW, by Wendy Dixon, Michael Halliwell, and David Miller, October 26, 2013

"To the Person Who Left a Note on My Windshield" (poem set by composer Houston Dunleavy) performed at the Australian Society of Music Educators Conference, September 29, 2013

Laura performing "Person Who Left a Note on My Windshield"

Carol Ryles

Carol completed her PhD in Creative Writing and received a whole lot of fabulous praise from her examiners. Her novel, Heart Fire, is out looking for a publisher.

Carol's short story, "The Silence of Clockwork", written in the same world as Heart Fire and featuring one of its main characters (Ruk) was published in The Conflux 9 Convention Programme.

Another short story, “Siri and the Chaos Maker”, also set in the world of Heart Fire (but in a different country and era), is to be published in April in Kisses by Clockwork, edited by Liz Grzyb.

Sarah Parker

Sarah has been working on her Tea with Tarts workgroup as well as writing worksheets for Saucy Sarahs. A lot of her energy is also going into her new job at the Immunisation Alliance and their daughter project I Immunise.

Sarah was also Guest of Honour at Swancon 2013. This year she is organizing the kids' stream at Swancon 2014.

Helen Venn

Helen has been busily editing her first novel and is now working on its sequel. She continues to maintain her personal blog and has changed its focus from purely personal to include book reviews.

Keira McKenzie

Keira is madly finishing off her PhD in Creative Writing as well as blogging fabulously artistic sunset, wildlife and moon shots around Perth and Matilda Bay.

Sunsets and moonrise, buildings and birds:

moon rising over clouds 1/7/14
sunset /8/1/14
Pelican being photobombed by a pesky seagull - Matilda Bay 14/1/14

Architectural detail, West Perth. 7/1/14