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Satima Flavell: The Dagger of Dresnia: Book 1 of The Talismans Trilogy, (Novel), Satalyte Publishing, Melbourne. Also at Amazon.

Carol Ryles: "Siri and the Chaos Maker" (short story) in Kisses by Clockwork, ed. Liz Grzyb, Ticonderoga Publications.

Joanna Fay: "Folds" (poem) in The Stars Like Sand: Australian Speculative Poetry, ed. Tim Jones & P.S.Cottier, Interactive Publications.


Joanna Fay: Vow's Answer: The Siaris Quartet Book Three, (Novel), Musa Publishing, USA. Also at Amazon.

Joanna Fay: "The Twelfth Hour", (short story) in Daughters of Icarus: New Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy, Pink Narcissus Press, USA.

Joanna Fay: Reunion: The Siaris Quartet Book Two (Novel), Musa Publishing, USA.

Carol Ryles: "The Silence of Clockwork", (short story) in Conflux 9 Con Book, CSFG, Canberra, ACT.


Joanna Fay: Daughter of Hope: The Siaris Quartet Book One, (Novel), Musa Publishing, USA

Joanna Fay: "Pearl Red: The Lady and the Unicorn, in Blood, Trunk Books, Boccalatte Press, Sydney.

Satima Flavell: 'La Belle Dame' in Mythic Resonance (Specusphere), for which Satima was also a contributing editor, available for Kindle at Amazon.

Sarah Lee Parker: "Jack Gorman is Dead" (short story) in Jack Gorman Got Cut by a Girl, Musa Publishing, USA.


Laura Goodin: 'Zerk and Me' in Michael Moorcock's New Worlds Magazine

Laura Goodin: 'The Bicycle Rebellion', in Daily Science Fiction.

Laura Goodin: "The Box" and "The Second Chance" performed as part of Opera Prometheus's  Promfest, November 26-29. 

Laura Goodin: “The Death of Albatross” performed as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival, September 8, 9, and 10.

Joanna Fay: "Stone-singer" (short story) in Winds of Change, ed. Elizabeth Fitzgerald, CSFG Publications. Purchase at CSFG's Wordpress page

Joanna Fay: 'Swan Wing' (short story) in WTF?!,  ed. Josie Brown, Rose Mambert and Bill Racicot, Pink Narcissus Press, Mass., US, 2011.

Joanna Fay: 'wonga wonga' and 'waiting for rain' (poetry) in Grevillea and Wonga Vine, edited by Beverley George and David Terelinck, Eucalypt Press, 2011.

Sarah Lee Parker: "Retro-Futurist Fiction" on Natcon 50 Blog

Joanna Fay: "Feather Fall" (short story) in Elf Love, Pink Narcissus Press, ed. Josie Brown, Rose Mambert and Bill Racicot, available from Barnes & Noble, Amazon or from Pink Narcissus Press.

Joanna Fay: "Black Heart" (short story) in Dead Red Heart, ed. Russell B Farr, Ticonderoga Publications

Carol Ryles: "Saint Olivia's Light", (story) in Winds of Change, ed. Elizabeth Fitzgerald, CSFG Publication. Purchase at CSFG's Wordpress Page.

Carol Ryles: "Snake Charmer" in More Scary Kisses, ed. Liz Gryzb, Ticonderoga Publications

Carol Ryles: "The Tide" (a collaborative story with Martin Livings et al) in Dead Red Heart, Ticonderoga publications


Joanna Fay: "Threadsongs" (short story) in Shades of Sentience Short Story Anthology, Shades of Sentience

Joanna Fay: "Aphrodite's Smile" in Blood Orange Review Online Journal

Laura Goodin: 'An Ear for Home' (story) published in the Eneit Press anthology, Baggage.

Laura Goodin: 'Turcotte's Battle' (story) published in Wet Ink #19

Laura Goodin: "Hold" performed as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival, September 2010

Laura Goodin: "Tiles in the Night" performed in the Gone in 60 Seconds International Play Festival, June 11, 2010, Halifax (UK)

Carol Ryles: "Deeper Than Flesh and Closer" in Belong, ed. Russell B. Farr, Ticonderoga Publications


Joanna Fay: "Pile of Husks" in DotDotDash Magazine

Joanna Fay: "Thread of Life" in Trunk Volume One: Hair, ed. Suzanne Boccalatte & Meredith Jones, Boccalatte Pty Ltd

Joanna Fay: "First Meeting" & "An Apricot Dawn" in Eucalypt: A Tanka Journal, ed. Beverley George, Focus Press

Laura Goodin: "Loving the Gorgon" (story) published in Shades of Sentience,  November 16, 2009 read online;  Also published in their subsequent print anthology, Shades of Sentience (2010), available at Amazon

Laura Goodin: "The Name Thieves" (story) published in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #42 (October 2009)

Laura Goodin: "Piggy In a Pit" (story) published in The Lifted Brow #5 (July 2009)

Laura Goodin: "The Dancing Mice and the Giants of Flanders" (story) published in the anthology Masques, March 2009 available at CSFG Publishing.

Laura Goodin: "The Futurist" (story) published in Adbusters (issue 82, March 2009)

Laura Goodin: "The Miner's Tale" (story) published in the anthology Canterbury 2100, October 2008 (available from publisher)

Laura Goodin: "Three Feet from Doom" performed in the Gone in 60 Seconds International Play Festival, June 5, 2009, Leeds (UK)

Laura Goodin: "Hold" broadcast nationally by ABC Local Radio, January 2, 2009 


Joanna Fay: "Stone Relinquishes", "Ice" & "Lies" in Eucalypt: A Tanka Journal, ed Beverley George, Focus Press

Joanna Fay: "Minor Key" & "Morning Walk" in Positive Words

Laura Goodin: "I'm Too Loud" (story) published in Antipodean SF, July 2008 (read it online)

Laura Goodin: "The Salvation of the Ooze" (story)  awarded first place, Conflux 2007 Short-Story Competition (read online)

Laura Goodin: "Real Shakespeare" premiered at Wollongong Workshop Theatre's 24-hour Theatre Event, June 2008

Laura Goodin: "The Death of Albatross" selected for the Merrigong Theatre Script Development Program.

Laura Goodin: "Don't Know Much" short-listed for the 2008 Sydney Short & Sweet Festival


Satima Flavell: "Triple Goddess" in The Weighing of the Heart: An Anthology of Emerging West Australian Poets ed. Roland Leach, Shane McCauley & Donna Ward, Sunline Press.

Laura Goodin: "The Salad of Success" performed in Wollongong Workshop Theatre's Workshorts Program, October-November 2007

Laura Goodin: "The Salad of Success" performed at BUGfest, October 2007

Carol Ryles: "Escaping Konakona" in Ticonderoga Online, #11 ed. Russell B. Farr


Satima Flavell: "The Bear Bore a Tray" in Antipodean SF #92, ed. Ion Newcombe

Laura Goodin: "Foul Play in Dapto" premiered by TheatreMax Studio, December 9, 2006 

Carol Ryles: "The Bridal Bier" in Eidolon 1 Anthology, ed. Jonathan Strahan & Jeremy G. Byrne, Eidolon Books


Sarah Parker: "Sweetest Perfection" in Ménage à Trois (An anthology of erotica fundraising for local hospitals).


Laura Goodin: "Many Colors" (poem) published in the Washington Post, September 21, 2004

Carol Ryles: "Remembering Bliss" in Encounters, ed. Maxine McArthur & Donna Maree Hanson, CSFG Publishing.

Carol Ryles: "The Retelling" in Fables & Reflections #6, ed. Lily Chrywenstrom, Woden, ACT: Fables & Reflections.


Carol Ryles: "Orion's Womb" in Elsewhere, ed. Michael Barry, CSFG Publishing


Carol Ryles: "The Perfect Mate" in Antipodean SF #39, ed. Ion Newcombe

Carol Ryles: "Inheritance" in Antipodean SF #34 ed. Ion Newcombe


Carol Ryles: "Seas of Change" in Eidolon 29/30 ed. Jeremy G. Byrne, Eidolon Publications

Carol Ryles: "Boom Baby Boom: in Antipodean SF #23 ed. Ion Newcombe

Carol Ryles: "Upgrading Zinnia" in Jackhammer Ezine Issue 16 Vol. 3, ed. Rachael Henderson, Eggplant productions

Helen Venn: "The Gate" in Footprints Anthology, ed. Carmel Cottrell & Janet Woods, Society of Women Writers WA


Laura Goodin: "Lent", "The Transit of Venus", "Thirroul Beach", "Child of Promise", “Four Carols”, "Earth and Space", "A Full Moon Tonight and I Am Awake on the Train", "To the Holy Spirit" (poems) set for choral and chamber groups and performed at various venues (from 1998 to present)


Helen Venn: "Cathy's Place" in Karrinyup Writing Collection Vol.3, ed. and published by Karrinyup Writers' Club

Helen Venn: "Essence of Joy" in Logan City Competition Writers' Anthology.


Helen Venn: "Wheels" in The Woman Writer, May 1996

Helen Venn: "Game Set and Match" in FreeXpression, March 1996

Reviews and Articles:


Satima Flavell: Writing and editing of SF reviews, The Specusphere and (writing as Carol Flavell Neist) performance reviews, Artshub


Satima Flavell (writing as Carol Flavell Neist): Numerous reviews and feature articles, mainly in the performing arts field, for The Australian and The West Australian (newspapers) and Dance Australia, Music Maker, Arts West, Web of Wyrd etc (magazines)