Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We're doing the Aus Spec Fic Carnival January 2010

Inkyblots has done December's AusSpecFicCarnival (try saying that in a hurry!) and I'm in it! Go and check it out! There's heaps of stuff in there, and guess who's going to be doing January's Aus Spec Fic Carnival? The Egobooers of course! Bwhahahahaha!

So if you see *anything* you think should be part of the January Aus Spec Fic Carnival (gosh that's a mouthful) then please drop me an email, post a comment on the blog, SMS me, or whatever. I dare all of you to send me a link! (Email address is callisto at g mail dot com)

Australia has an awesomely vibrant and alive Spec Fic community, and I want every one to know!


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