Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shades of Sentience: A Short Story Anthology

Shades of Sentience, an anthology of fantasy, horror, magic realism and science fiction short stories edited by Alanna and Lara Horgan, will be launched at the Brisbane Supanova from April 9-11. The collection is drawn from winners and finalists in the recent Shades of Sentience Short Story Competition run by, a website that offers reviews, interviews and articles on everything from geek stuff to science fiction that has become real. Contributors include Joanna Fay, a member of Egoboo WA and the Speculative Fiction Group at the Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers' Centre.

'Fantasy and horror, science fiction and magic realism: these terms provide only the barest glimpse of what you'll find within these pages. Enter dreamscapes and nightmares; fall with souls rocketing into oblivion and fly with others who've discovered how to glide on broken wings. Walk within the minds of angels, demons, monsters and humans, not a sparkle among them, and try to choose your side. Nothing in this book is black and white - good or evil. We all see the world through different eyes, and each story gives you a different perspective. Will any of them change yours?'

This book is a collection of twenty new short stories by award winning authors from Australia and around the world:

Thou Art by Lewis Allan
The Sound of Water by Charles Canning
A Final Glimpse of Dark and Light by Debbie Cowens
Murray the Sex Machine by Matt Cowens
Time I Am by Stephen Davey
Threadsongs by Joanna Fay
Problem Solving and Its Consequences by Chris Fletcher
Forever Young by Steven Gepp
Mirror Mirror by Alice Godwin
Loving the Gorgon by Laura E. Goodin
Lucid Dreaming by Kia Groom
Sentience by Alanna Horgan
Memorandum by Crisetta MacLeod
Special Treatment by Craig Maslowski
The Ambush by Michael Noonan
Devil?s Dinner by Melanie Rees
Incident on the Tulla by Janeen Samuel
Monster by Amanda Spedding
The Candle Suicide by Daan Spijer
Revelations by Katharine Stubbs


  1. Congrats Jo. It looks awesome. Can't wait to get my copy.

  2. Thanks Carol! i can't wait to get a copy of 'Belong'! :-)

  3. Nice one, Jo, and my Clarion South mate, Laura Goodin, has a story in there too. I'm going to be swamped by good reading.

  4. I can see us all spending a lot of money on anthos this year!