Monday, November 29, 2010

Useful Con Information

While researching - okay surfing the net (I have procrastination down to a fine art these days), I discovered several blog posts on Worldcon 2010. As I still haven't managed to get my own thoughts down here are some links that may be useful. They come from a few of my favourite speculative fiction bloggers - apart from my fellow Egoboo writers - Christopher Green, Graham Clements, Laura E. Goodin, Michele Cashmore, Patty Jansen and Tansy Rayner Roberts. Tansy's is particularly useful because she gives her own list as well which expands the number of bloggers way beyond mine.

They don't all blog every day or even every week but when they do it's interesting and thought provoking. I'm sure there are many more so please feel free to add the details of any Worldcon blogs you have found useful in the comments. Because the entries relating to Worldcon are often scattered through the blogs I haven't given links to specific posts but don't let that put you off. You can go to their archives if those posts are all you want to look at.


  1. Thanks for the mention Carol. I still have another six panels to write about, hopefully soon and in three posts.

  2. Gary Kemble gives a huge list of Worldcon posts at It was originally compiled by Gary's Twitter friend @illegibscrib from Auckland, NZ. Overall, I think every panel and every event is covered!

  3. That is quite a list, Satima. Wow!