Friday, March 4, 2011

Clarion South Writers Workshop

Clarion South Writers Workshop: "While we had been hoping to be in a position to run Clarion South again in 2012, we’ve been unable to find a suitable venue for the workshop. It’s important to us that the cost of any workshop we run remains within financial reach of most writers.

Unfortunately we’ve been unable to lock in a viable venue option that would allow us to run the workshop at an acceptable cost to writers. The cheapest option would still more than double tuition fees."

I really hope that someone can find something, or do some special deal, or find a special place so Clarion South can continue. I think Clarion South has been instrumental in the growth and development of quality Australian spec fic, and to lose it now would be a heartbreak. Having to post this update must have been heartbreaking for the Clarion South team.


  1. That's really sad. I do wish there was more funding available for the arts generally, but given all the natural disasters we're having to cope with, that's not like to happen in the foreseeable future:-(.

  2. Having been to Clarion South I can't say how saddened I am by this news. Attending a Clarion is a unique experience and it is impossible for me to say just how much I gained as a writer from the experience. It was exhausting, exhilarating and without any doubt the most valuable writing experience I've had.