Friday, June 3, 2011

Meg Cabot's "How To Write A Novel" Video.

I watch too many crochet videos. How can I tell?

I have completed two blankets, a scarf, a beanie, half a scarf and two thirds of a blanket in four or five months. That's how I can tell!

So I thought ... crochet in, crochet out. There must be some writing videos I can watch. And the very first hit is Meg Cabot, who is a prolific and funny author. Her little video here covers some of the basics she needs to write a novel.

Remember that every one writes novels their own way. My longest novel had only a name and a world. No plot, no plan, and no idea. My best novels were somewhere in between.Any advice given to you as a writer is good advice for the person who gave it to you! It might not be so good for you!