Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ethics and Review Copies of Books

Via Tansy Rayner Roberts blog comes this link to Stacked on ARCs, Ethics & Speaking Up - about review copies sent out to reviewers prior to the release of a book. These are usually clearly marked as review copies that are not to be sold. For non-reviewers, reviewers receive no payment from the publisher or author and the books they receive may be put together in a less finished state than that which goes on sale to the general public. As an occasional reviewer I receive books to review but never sell them. I just wouldn't because that costs the author and the publisher money and, in my opinion, that is unethical. The blogger at Stacked Books goes into the details of why.


  1. I followed the link but couldn't find that particular post, Helen. Do you know what date it was published?

  2. It was published on January 31, 2012, Satima. I haven't been able to make the link work here for some reason but it works from Tansy's blog post. I've corrected the link for that.

  3. Try this link