Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Gem of a List...

...of writing tips, some well-known to most of us, others thought-provoking:

My favourite? 'It's not about discipline, it's about passion'.
I hear a lot about discipline, daily writing routines, working at it, and so forth. But from my point of view, the bottom line is passion, not clock-watching. If the passion's there, *really* there, you'll take every opportunity you can to write...and if there aren't opportunities, you'll make them!

And this one: 'Create a character that represents a part of you that needs to speak'.
A good idea, I reckon, especially if you need to create intensity or urgency in a character...if they're a conduit for something you really care about, they'll stamp their presence onto the page (or virtual page).


  1. Writing with passion is what gets a person going in the writing game, but once one is published and has the next deadline hanging over one's head, writing has to be trated as a job to be done, whether the passion be there or no:-(.

    Joanna Penn has a useful mailing list, worth signing up for. She is full of helpful ideas.

  2. Useful list, Jo. Well worth thinking about.