Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Check out this hilarious post by fantasy author Jim C. Hines, artfully posing himself as various 'men on covers' (following a previous session posed as women on covers) and looking at how women and men stack up in the objectification stakes. He proves the point, visibly. :) Men get it easier in cover poses. Although when it comes to 'form', I'd say men (especially on romance or heroic covers) are just as stereotyped and idealized:


  1. It is funny but it has a serious message. The disappointing thing is I doubt if it will change anything.

  2. I really enjoyed those posts by Jim Hines, and also the one he links to, by Ocelott. They highlight the ridiculous way we represent people - or misrepresent them! - along gender lines. Probably book covers are just the tip of a very Freudian iceberg...