Friday, March 1, 2013

Our Next Big Thing

A few weeks back, an internet meme, The next Big Thing, had writers blogging about their current works in progress.

Joanna Fay blogged about her novel, Reunion: Book 2 of the Siaris Quartet. Reunion was published by Musa Publishing in February, 2013 and can be purchased from the Reunion Link on the Musa Webpage.

For readers with a passion for feathers, wings and immortals, this is the book for you! For those who dream of conversations that run like silent strings of pearls, you’re in the right place. For lovers of deep world-building and characters with heart, Reunion is for you too, with love. 

Read more about Reunion at Jo's webpage.

Keira McKenzie blogs about her novel, A Fabulist's Alternity. 

In the small, isolated city of Perth, long after the 'end-times' have reduced the population to struggling for survival, Sin loses everything when she walks out of her boyfriend's place late one night and alone in the middle of a militarily enforced curfew, becomes swept up in a huge saga that involves her in not only in living with the enemy (small pockets of the population who don't take part in the city's survival), but in the lives of people who have held a secret for uncounted generations, a secret she becomes almost lost in, and while neither she nor any others find the answers to easy survival, she gains a sense of self and belonging as she helps rid the world of a terrible evil.

Read more about A Fabulist's Alternity at Keira's webpage.

Laura E Goodin blogs about her Victorian adventure, After the Bloodwood Staff. 

The bookish and sedentary Hoyle Marchand finally gets the chance to live out one of the adventures he reads about so obsessively — but he finds out those books never did tell the whole story.

Read more about After the Bloodwood Staff at Laura's webpage.

Helen Venn blogs about her completed novel, Xanita’s Children.

Even on a planet subject to world wide natural disasters that decimate generation after generation, escaping from slavery should change everything but when two sisters find shelter with the leader of a telepathic herd the past still haunts them and each has some difficult lessons to learn before they overcome its legacy and can be truly free.

Read more about Xanita's Children at Helen's webpage.

Carol Ryles blogs about her work in progress, Heart Fire, which is currently in the process of being radically redrafted. Most of the characters and settings are the same, but the plot is quite different from the version of two months ago. It is due to be completed in six to eight weeks.

Heart Fire (Fantasy, Romance, Horror) is a foray in steampunk’s darker side, where a woman and a shapeshifter must put aside their prejudices and fight for the lives and souls of an entire city. 

Read more about Heart Fire at Carol's webpage.

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