Thursday, May 2, 2013

Guest blogging

On her website, Joanna Fay has been inviting various authors to write guest blog posts about favourite characters they have created in her weekly Character Column. So far four Egobooers have accepted her challenge and, if you are interested, I've linked to each of their posts - Carol Ryles and St OliviaKeira McKenzie with NedSatima Flavell and Nustofer and most recently I've posted about one of my own favourites, Seri.

I have been fascinated to read all the posts, not just those by Egobooers, and to find out more about how different writers develop particular characters. In my case, it was love with my first glimpse of Seri but not everyone seems to have the same experience with their characters so it's proving an interesting series.

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  1. I also find it fascinating reading about other writers' favourite characters, Helen, and I really enjoyed your post on this, that took us into the first spark of 'Seri'. You've certainly left me curious about how she will develop.