Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Joanna Fay wins Banjo Patterson Writing Award for Poetry

Hearty congratulations to Joanna Fay (writing as Jo Mills) for winning third prize in the Open Poetry Section of this year's Banjo Patterson Award for her poem "Circle of Stones".

You can read "Circle of Stones" along with photographs that inspired Jo at Jo's own website.

A well-deserved prize, Jo.

The Banjo Patterson Award is a biennial award run by the Festival of Arts in Orange, NSW.



  1. Thanks very much, Carol. It's a delight to be in the prize list again...the coordinator and I had a laugh about our 'annual phone call'...she even remembers the budgies (who have a habit of flying around shrieking when I'm on 'significant' calls..hmm, how do they know? ;) xx