Saturday, July 5, 2014

Australian Speculative Poetry anthology, 'The Stars Like Sand', now available!

I'm delighted to have a poem in this new anthology of Australian Speculative Poetry, The Stars Like Sand, edited by Tim Jones and P.S.Cottier, published by Interactive Press. From the editors:

Travel to the stars and beyond in this anthology by Australia's leading poets. Witness the end of the world, time travel to the future near or far, or teleport with a fairy or witch. Ghosts, dreams and strange creatures breed and mingle in these pages. Poetry has never been so mind-bending, or so entertaining.

It's rare to see anthologies of speculative poetry (fantasy, science fiction and all manner of hybrids), and The Stars Like Sand represents a wonderfully diverse array of voices and visions past and present, leaping into multiple futures. My poem 'Folds' is joined by creations from the likes of John Tranter, Sean Williams, Judith Beveridge, Simon Petrie, Kevin Gillam, Diane Fahey, Chris Wallace-Crabbe and Aussie icon A.B. 'Banjo' Paterson, to name but a few.

The Stars Like Sand can be found on Amazon in print and for Kindle here.


  1. Wow, Williams, Gillam and even Paterson are in good company! Good onya, Jo. :-)

    1. Sorry, Satima, I only just saw your comment! Thank you, yes, fine company - I'm grateful to be among them. Forgot to mention Les Murray! Very interesting reading poets who've turned their hand to specfic for this antho, and specfic writers who've turned their hand to poetry!
      I hope the editors decide to do another antho. :)