Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hugo Voting and Nominations on the Cheap!

Cheryl Morgan (international fan extraordinaire!) has put up a Guest Post at Feminist SF - The Blog! and it is a MUST READ! Cheryl gets into the hows, why, and finances of nominating works for the Hugo awards, and then also suggests a whole pile of hard working people who should be on the ballots.




  1. Wow, I am *so* guilty of the 'I can't vote because I haven't evaluated all the options' attitude; it never occured to me to think otherwise.

  2. Also no good if the only sf you've read in the past year was written in 1970. Michelle and I will likely be going to Melbourne, but I doubt we'll be nominating or voting. I did nominate one of my books once, but that was such a pointless quixotic gesture that really I should not have bothered. Still, Cheryl raises some excellent points. And that Hugo Voting Packet sounds brilliant, doesn't it? We nearly signed up for supporting memberships last year for Montreal just so we'd get it, but in the end declined. It's a marvellous idea, and worth supporting.

    Right now, Worldcon-wise, my main concern is the alarming delay in releasing convention hote info. Typically Worldcon committees release this info early in January of the convention year, so I'm starting to get concerned about this year's event.

  3. Me too Adrian. I'm starting to worry about hotels because I'll need to share with someone and that can take time to arrange.