Monday, January 18, 2010


I'm on the Life In The First Draft blog! It's a place for writers to talk about what, where, and how they do their work, hopefully a source of inspiration for people starting up and wanting to see what we do. I talk about things I have learnt - Planning to Learn and Learning to Plan. Check it out!


  1. Way to go Sarah!! Well said.

  2. Good points, Sarah. This is something we all need to do, I think.

  3. Good for you, Sarah! It's great to have developed this much clarity about your writing process. :-)
    'Write what excites' is so true; for me, it's the beauty of word imagery, and I'm currently learning how not to get lost in my 'writing aesthetic' at the expense of such minor details as plot and character development! So planning is becoming important for met too, and I think the current novel is benefiting from it, a lot.