Monday, January 30, 2012

Creative BADASS! Ooo, I wanna be one! Good thing there's a 12 point plan!

Justine Musk has put out this article about ... how to be a creative badass: a 12-point plan.

What an excellent idea! This blog post is interesting because it sums up a lot of stuff I have learnt in the last few years, more specifically in the last two months about creativity and work and play.

It's also interesting to see an inherent 'trust the universe' kind of feel through the post, that if we're passionate enough, work hard enough, put ourselves OUT THERE enough, that what we want will eventually come to us.

This post is actually pretty brilliant for any one who wants to work consistently with their creativity, work honestly with their selves, and produce amazing work that people will want to read. Following or learning these steps will help you to be instantly creative, and help to slide past issues like writers block and the like.

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