Thursday, January 5, 2012

Following On - More On Depression

Sarah's last post on the prevalence of depression among writers and other creative folk had hardly hit the Internet when I discovered this post where The Bloggess, a Texas based blogger and author, reveals her battles with mental health issues. Those who follow her blog are well aware of her struggle with depression and anxiety but she has now expanded on it to include her issues involving self-harm. This post and the one prior to it are well worth the read for anyone who has to deal with any of these issues, whether personally or because they know someone who is a sufferer. Honest posts like this are infinitely valuable because they let sufferers know they are not alone. Just a warning though, if you decide to read further, you should know that her blog, while generally hilarious (serious posts like this are rare), is aimed at adults and although she doesn't in these posts, The Bloggess sometimes uses language that may offend.

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