Saturday, January 21, 2012

Patty Jansen On Starting in Self-publishing

Australian author, Patty Jansen embarked on self-publishing a year ago. She writes here about her experience. There are some very useful insights into the advantages and pitfalls of what - thanks to the new platforms available on-line not to mention e-readers - is becoming a popular way to get published without going the traditional route.

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  1. Co-incidentally, I've just put up a post about self-publishing, too, at

    It's written from the POV of one who is an editor and keen reader. As an editor, I'm really keen to see the standard of self-pubbed books improve. Some are so crappy that they are downright embarrassing, and a pretty cover, while it might induce a few people to buy a book, will not bring repeat business. So while I agree a fetching cover is important, I'm convinced that editing is more important in the long run if a writer hopes to build a following. But you don't need to spend a month's wages - I give pointers to saving money on editing.

    Patty and many other authors already know and use these money-saving shortcuts, but sadly there are a lot of writers out there who don't even know they exist, and most of them seem to publish on Smashwords:-(