Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Business Rusch

I don't remember where I came across the link to Kristine Rusch's blog but I'm very glad I did. This site is packed with information for writers, not the usual crafting and skills teaching, but the business side of being a writer. She is currently doing a series of posts on the way the publishing world is changing due to the rapid emergence of e-publishing, and while it is based on US publishing the general principles are useful to anyone.

There is much more as well. I have just spent hours looking at posts on international travel hints and other aspects of the writing business - and the comments are as fascinating as the posts. Just one thing, the link to the table of contents only lists some of the Changing Times posts - there are fifteen so far - so it will pay to look through the blog to find the other posts.

Among other things her book The Freelancer's Survival Guide is up on the website. Despite what is said in the introduction it is also now available e-published and in print.

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