Thursday, January 20, 2011

Science in My What??

Science in my Science Fiction!

Science fiction is fiction where the main plot elements are derived from scientific elements. A lot of space opera is actually other genres in science fiction clothing, however this website is here to help aspiring science fiction authors to put their science where their plot is!

This website shows some of the coolest things going on in science right now, and also helps to critique and examine the uses of science in fiction.  "The purpose of the Science in My Fiction blog is to get science fiction and fantasy writers and fans thinking ahead of science again. Playful bloggers will take a look at recent scientific developments and extrapolate potential futures from them. SiMF will update Mondays and Fridays (for now; possibly more in the future). This is a fight for survival of the fiction. It's time to seize culture and do science to it!"


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