Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Grumble Thrum Collective

Got some doubts? Got some worries? Got some issues?

As writers we all have doubts, issues and worries, and ways of getting around them. One of the more interesting and inventive ways I have come across lately is seeing each of these as monsters, to be talked to and possible enlisted in your great goal.

Havi Brooks has a few words to say about the topic, and addresses her own monsters for our amusement and self development.

I think this is a fantastic way to explore your fears and worries, and one of the least threatening ways of doing so. In aid of the de-frightening of these monsters, she's also produced a colouring-in book to help us get past our own barriers, and have fun while doing so. Play is an important part of learning, creating, and self development, and I want one of these books right now!

I shall have to add it to my wish list!



  1. That must the funn-est of all personal growth methods, Sarah! We shall all have to save up for colouring books:-)

  2. Isn't it just such a gorgeous idea?