Thursday, January 13, 2011

Saundra Mitchell's Thoughts on Illegal Torrenting of Books

"Free" Books Aren't Free

Making Stuff Up for a Living: The Blog

Personally I think the publishing industry is in flux right now. Interesting times ahead! I do not believe we will EVER leave paper and ink print books behind. The new future will have to incorporate more forms of text dissemation, not hoard the current styles.

Saundra's post is excellent because she is up front with her sales and her income from her novel(s), and also up front about the career choices she has faced and how she feels the illegal downloads affects those choices. It's an interesting contrast to some of the other blogs I have been reading.

Sarah P

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  1. Glenda Larke addresses the same issue on her blog. How these thieves do not see what they are doing as simple stealing I do not know. Writers rely on the sales of their work to live. It's as simple as that - and if you take their work and use it without paying for it, it is stealing and depriving them of recompense for their hard work.